Ad Service

PlayD improves the efficiency of advertising by establishing strategies that fit
the purpose of the campaign through various analyses.

  • Analyze current status

    Market and industry analysis
    Advertiser analysis
    Competitor analysis

  • Establish strategy

    Set up the goal · target · strategy
    Establish marketing plan
    Establish site consulting strategy plan

  • Operate and manage campaign

    Set up budget · bidding
    Plan campaign
    Real-time Monitoring

  • Estimate and optimize performance

    Estimate efficiency of each media
    Optimize performance of each media
    Propose improvement plan

PlayD suggests mix of media to optimize your performance through
dedicated experts.

  • Search Ad

    Accurate targeting & high efficiency

  • Display Ad

    Convey brand and product information through images and videos

  • Mobile Ad

    Unlimited by time and space

  • SNS Ad

    Based on user's interests exposes contents naturally

  • Video Ad

    Promotional video that delivers product information to consumers

  • Network Ad

    High impression by advertising on press, community and personal media

  • Local Ad

    Effectively advertise offline shops, Combined keyword ads

  • Shopping Ad

    Effectively connect your e-commerce business with users

  • Targeting Ad

    Repeated impression to existing visitor

  • Global Ad

    Provide strategic consulting and optimization for your global campaign

PlayD provides specialized service in presenting elements to optimize
the website and its methods.

  • Analyze website elements and provide consulting
  • Diagnosis of the site and consulting
  • Web/Mobile Consulting
  • Landing page Consulting
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Privacy Policy
1. Personal data gathering and use
PlayD requires all request of information and support to submit certain business and personal details. The information given is used solely to provide you with the information you request.

2. Information we collect
- Obligated area: name, phone number, email, and website url.

3. Duration of retention and use of personal data
Personal data collected shall not be kept longer than is necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose (including any directly related purpose) for which the data are or are to be used. However, when provided the relevant legal grounds, the data will be retained for the period of time as determined by such law.
Personal data gathering and use apply In all other circumstances.

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