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All the technology and solutions required for online marketing are available from techHUB.

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  • A-Square pro
  • TERA
  • GAUS
  • AdScreen

A-Square is online advertising management solution.

PlayD provides advertising solutions based on advanced analysis engine and mass processing system.

  • Business Automation
  • Draw the insight
  • Optimization
  • Integrated management

Integrated management

  • Bidding
  • Dashboard
    Keyword extraction
  • Bulk management
    A/B test
  • Monitoring
    Competitor inquiry

Recommended Services

  • Data analysis

    The dashboard allows intuitive visualization of key data and issues at a glance.
    Automatically generate reports based on customization speeds up your business resources.
    It is easy to analyze detailed advertising effects with multi-dimensionally analyzed reports.

  • Bid price setting

    Hourly bidding allows you to automatically bid only when you want.
    Efficiency group bidding allows you to bid automatically by grouping according to the effectiveness of your ads.
    With click-based bidding, you can bid based on real-time clicks.

  • Monitoring

    Monitoring your account costs You can proactively monitor your ads for downtime.
    You can monitor the error page to avoid spending unnecessary advertising costs.
    You can check suspicious IP history of unauthorized access, and you can block and release multiple IPs at the same time.

  • Save Resources

    Registration, copying, modification, deletion, etc. can be easily processed as files, which improves work efficiency.
    You can download duplicate keyword lists and provide duplicate keyword ad effectiveness data so that you can select keywords to delete.


  • Setting
  • Operation
  • Monitoring
  • Effect measurement
A-Square Pro
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